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C.C.N. (Calgary Cannabis Network) is a group of “like-minded” cannabis consumers. Our website features articles and ratings of Alberta cannabis stores, cannabis products and cannabis knowledge. We encourage our website users to share their cannabis knowledge, brand and Alberta cannabis store experience with the public in a legal and ethical fashion. Check out our Free Cannabis Post Submissions.

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Welcome to Our Cannabis Community Blog

We are Calgary Cannabis Network. We do NOT offer cannabis products. The purpose of our website is to provide useful and beneficial, quality cannabis related articles, Alberta cannabis store ratings …

Jungl' Cake cannabis

Flower: Jungl’ Cake

What Strain is This Cannabis Product?Jungl’ Cake is a sativa strain.What is the THC Range?Jungl’ Cake averages around 29.00% in THC.Details of Jungl’ CakeJungl’ cake is a cross between WHITE …

Potluck Maple Pancakes

Flower: Potluck Maple Pancakes

What Strain is This Cannabis Product?Maple Pancakes is a sativa strain.What is the THC Range?Maple Pancakes averages around 21.00% in THC with around 0.062% CBD.Details of Maple PancakesWhat’s more Canadian …