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About Calgary Cannabis Network

C.C.N. (Calgary Cannabis Network) is a group of “like-minded” cannabis consumers. We encourage our website users to share their cannabis knowledge, brand and Alberta cannabis store experience with the public in a legal and ethical fashion.

Since cannabis became legal in Canada on October 17, 2018, Calgary Cannabis Network, CCN exercises their rights for freedom of speech about cannabis. We wish to encourage viewers of this website to post articles about their cannabis related experience in legal and ethical ways. Accordance to the law, this website is rated 18+ (Adult). Any article post requested for submission from a minor (people under 18) will be rejected and NOT ever be posted on the Calgary Cannabis Network Blog.

Calgary Cannabis Network in Alberta

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is the further development of Calgary Cannabis Network to provide it’s website viewers with quality, quantity and useful cannabis information sold in Alberta. This increasing development of our website provides ratings, reviews and comments about cannabis stores in the province of Alberta.

In order for continued success we need the input and contributions from our website viewers. The Calgary Cannabis Network website is a cannabis community blog portal that will continue to a useful benefit to cannabis users.