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Need Your Opinion: Cannabis Store Points

The Points Program

As most cannabis consumers already know… most of the biggest cannabis dispensary stores have a points system. Every time you purchase a product from the store, you receive points. The number of points depends on the individual store’s policy. Check out our store directory to see their points program.

Can You Get Cannabis from Earned Points

In most cases, the customer is able to only get their “Gift” items that they offer such as coffee cups, clothing apparel and novelty items. If you the reader of this article post knows of any Alberta cannabis store that will let you get cannabis flower, concentrates or editable in exchange for points, please comment on this post to let our readers know.

Is This Point Reward System Only a Gimmick?

Well, the answer most likely depends on the consumer’s individual experience and opinion. Personally, I feel that it is a form of advertising gimmick since what they offer is typically promotional products that advertise their company. Basically the way I see it if you redeem points to get clothing apparel, you are a walking billboard for the cannabis company.

We Want Your Input on this topic.

Please comment your response to my post, Calgary Cannabis Network wants our take on this topic. We surely do appreciate it.


Jeff S.

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