Flower: Oregon Golden Goat

Oregon Golden Goat by Top Leaf Cannabis

What Strain is This Cannabis Product?

Oregon Golden Goat by Top Leaf Cannabis is a sativa strain.

What is the THC Range?

Oregon Golden Goat averages at 21.6% in THC with 0.1% CBD.

Details of Oregon Golden Goat

Naming a single ‘greatest of all time’ isn’t just difficult, it’s impossible. But a strong sativa is worth its weight in gold and this Black Series cultivar with bright leaves, delicate pistils and a thorough dusting of trichomes makes an excellent case for superlatives.

Top Leaf Cannabis

Details About Top Leaf Cannabis (Product Company)

Anyone can grow some weed, but Top Leaf isn’t “anyone” and they don’t grow “some” weed. They were founded by cannabis enthusiasts fueled by the desire to create the best. They want rich, full-bodied cannabis, with complex terpene profiles, mid-to-high THC potency, and that little something special that makes you say “Wow” the first time you take a puff.

To use the colloquial: they wanted “the good sh*t.”

Details and web page copy of Oregon Golden Goat, Top Leaf Cannabis company are provided by Spirtleaf Cannabis.

What are the Effects From Oregon Golden Goat?

I will write about my experiences of the product; however, I encourage you to comment on your experiences with this product as well so viewers of our blog will have more than one person’s statement.

I based my experience on the following rated from 1 to 5 stars (1 being the least and 5 being the most impactive:

  • Energetic: I rate this on a scale of 5 stars
  • Mind Opening/Creative: My rating is 5 stars
  • Psychedelic: I rate 5 stars
  • Length of Effect: I rate this product 5 stars. Every time I smoked this flower, the euphoria lasts about 4 hours.

Please keep in mind that the effects of cannabis is typically unique for everyone. It always depends on individual factors for every one such as how tired you are or are you smoking cannabis on an empty stomach. It also depends on whether you eat food shortly after consuming cannabis. Consuming food after consuming cannabis reduces the length of the effects.

Contact your favorite Alberta cannabis dispensary store to see if they have Oregon Golden Goat in stock! Check out our directory of Alberta cannabis stores to see if they have this product available!

Photo of cannabis flower container above by Calgary Cannabis Network.

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